the little french toy...

Vintage and French, two of my favorite words usually used to describe some amazing piece of clothing but suitable for these photos as well. 

images via Photobucket


summer lovin'...

since my episode flair up of my hip displasia (which really hurts a lot) I have been confined to my small bed and no running or jumping, it's even painful to sit down at times.  Thanks to my vet I got some medicine and much needed rest and was well enough to attend a bbq this Saturday with my parents and their best friends who have known me since I was a pup.  I had so much fun that I've been sleeping ever since...
that's my dad cooking burgers he didn't know but mommy snuck me a bite of her burger!
I love you too Aunt Gaby but I really just want you to put that plate down so that I can snag a bite to eat
not sure what this is exactly???
hanging with my boys

nope!  not getting in the pool with you, I saw how many Heineken beers you drank
grass under my feet, sun on my back...this is the life.  Thanks for a wonderful weekend!


beautiful pets all over the world...

One of our favorite sites for Macbeth and I to look at it Desire to Inspire from Australia it has beautiful photos of interiors and a feature called Mondays: Pets on furniture, which I posted that Macbeth was a feature in back in November.  We browsed all the past posts and put a collection of our favorite "Pets on Furniture" photos... enjoy! 


the new doggy backpack...

Attention Ravers:  this is not a plush toy backpack that you can stuff with glow sticks and lollipops this is an actual living, breathing animal strapped to this woman's backside.  Sometimes it is better to just leave your dog at home...


the corn dog...

Macbeth and I have been accused of being "citified"...translation- forgetting that I came from the country.  However, I must admit that Macbeth has grown up a sophisticated city dog and doesn't really know any other life so to tap into our "country" roots, we visit the Cornfield located in the out skirts of China Town.  There we can frolic in the weeds and soak up the fresh LA air  as well as harass the billy goats and chickens.
How peaceful the billy goats look

Maybe a little to at peace, time to make my presence known
 Oh crap, he's getting closer... good thing there's a fence between us

And you thought I wouldn't make a good farm dog

Thank God I can see the city, I'm dirty and it's hot...time to leave
 aur revoir!  Macbeth